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What do Software Architects Do?

One popular definition is that architecture is the “Important and hard to change decisions” in a software project. Deciding to mandate using camel-case for variables; not important. Deciding to use microservices; a bit more important.

Architects typically think at the unit of components, where a component is an independently deployable…

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The arrangement of files in a project’s file system can often bear little resemblance to the semantic relationship between them. When developers are working on tasks they frequently need to edit files that are ‘far away from each other together. Previous research has been undertaken into extracting semantic topics from…

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

It’s a problem anyone who’s started a new programming project is familiar with. Which language do you use? You don’t want to realize months down the line that choosing something else would’ve made your code less buggy, easier to maintain, or allow you to just import a module to fix…

A glitch in Cyberpunk 2077

Video Games are still sold in dedicated brick-and-mortar stores, their production often looks more similar to a film, and developers eschew some best practices from the rest of software engineering. However, game developers do make software; software worth $165B in worldwide revenue [1]. Whilst industry reviewers often discuss products in…

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